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Why Kids Yoga

Why Kids Yoga?

As adults we forget the magic of pretending and how fun it is to play! Unlike in adult yoga classes, kids will not be isolated to their mats. Hey! Mats may become a magic carpet flying through the the magical city of Mario Land. (Yep! That’s how creative we get) In our class, yoga is all play for children! We explore yoga through sequences that include movement, stretching, breathing, games, going on adventures and singing along to some super cool songs.
The classes balance both structure and spontaneity to honour every child’s unique energy. This super fun yoga practice is held in a safe environment where children will learn tools and techniques to deepen self-awareness, build coordination and balance, increase awareness of breathing, build self confidence and are encouraged to express themselves creatively.

What You Should Know

What you should know


Drop-off Classes

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Private Lessons

 private lessons are now available.!

Ask me about Backyard Yoga! 

Yes! I can come to you and teach a fun class!

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Dress Comfy

You don't need much!

  • comfy clothes​

  • water bottle 




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Classes & Events

Classes and Events